CrimsonLogic: Path To e-Governance Simplified

CrimsonLogic: Path To e-Governance Simplified

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Saw Ken Wye, CEO, CrimsonLogicSaw Ken Wye, CEO Governments are increasingly facing a greater demand to provide transactions that are both digital and citizen/ business-centric in nature. With digital government solutions, citizens and businesses can have round-the-clock access to multiple government information and eServices online. Today, these solutions have gone beyond just improving efficiency to become an indispensable platform, where different government agencies can operate together seamlessly to serve the citizens and businesses; enabling the collection of useful information and feedback for the formulation of public policies. With the central theme of “Driving Digital Transformation,” CrimsonLogic offers digital government products and services that focus on keeping the customers at the centre of its approach. CrimsonLogic has worked with numerous governments and businesses embracing technology over the last three decades. “Over the last three decades, we have been at the centre of governments and businesses that embrace technology, and with this experience we are able to identify and share best practices and include them into our products,” states Saw Ken Wye, CEO at CrimsonLogic. The company’s digital government products effectively address the diverse challenges—economic development, facilitating trade, and upholding law and justice— faced by governments worldwide to benefit citizens, businesses, and government agencies alike. The company’s proactive approach to continuously incorporate the latest innovation and technologies, such as blockchain, AI/machine learning, and predictive analytics as well as the convergence of IoT and AI/ML, into its products; coupled with its domain expertise in government, legal and trade bring more value to its customers. Numerous countries across the globe including Bahrain, Canada, Chile, China, Ghana, India, Mauritius, Mozambique, Oman, Panama, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Trinidad & Tobago, the United Arab Emirates, and more rely on CrimsonLogic’s products and services.

Talking about its digital solutions, Saw throws light on Coherence, a suite of digital government products and services that focuses on the municipal and business sectors. He also highlights that Coherence supports and enables digital government transformation by enhancing efficiency and transparency to provide excellent public service delivery to businesses and citizens. For instance, Coherence helps to offer the birth and death digital applications for the municipal services and business registration and business licensing for business services.

On the judiciary side, the company offers Chrysalis eJudiciary, a platform that manages the end-to-end electronic processing of legal documents, administration, and court hearings. Chrysalis embodies CrimsonLogic’s experience and expertise in legal digital transformation for the judiciary and legal sectors, spanning from e-filing and case management to practice management.

CrimsonLogic’s digital government products effectively address the diverse challenges—economic development, facilitating trade, and upholding law and justice—faced by governments worldwide to benefit citizens, businesses, and government agencies alike

The platform helps in transforming the courts and practice management to support the delivery of justice in an efficient, fair, transparent, and timely manner to enable greater access to justice.

Focusing on the document security domain, CrimsonLogic’s Phidélity is an award-winning product that helps to protect an organisation’s hardcopies from the risks of counterfeit, forgery, and information leakage. Phidélity integrates advanced and patented technologies to offer a powerful, flexible, and secure printing solution using only normal paper and a typical office printer with regular toner. It helps to reduce the number of potential breaches, such as document counterfeiting, forgery, and unauthorised printing owing to security lapses. In India, Phidélity is used across over 20 State Governments and union territories for the e-Stamping System, with over 50 million stamp certificates printed securely last year.

"Over the last three decades, we have been at the centre of governments and businesses that embrace technology, and with this experience we are able to identify and share best practices and include them into our products"

Working Hand in Hand with Governments for Digital Solutions and Capability Management

By thoroughly understanding the complex digital journey of customers, CrimsonLogic has learnt to work with governments on their needs—selecting the best technologies and solutions to suit their environment. For example, the company had used Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) in Rwanda for iRembo recognizing that the majority of country’s access to e-services would be through a feature phone and not a smart phone. “We believe that governments can still reap the benefits of digital transformations without the need to wait for the basic infrastructure for digital network to be pervasive in that nation,” says Saw. The company helped the government to build iRembo, a one-stop shop portal in the local Kinyarwanda language that provides over 100 government digital services to its people and businesses. “In digital transformation, the focus is on the nation’s citizens and residents, and in providing digital services based on the technology that is available to them,” says Saw. Effectively, the provision of digital services has significantly increased access to government services and reduced the time taken to complete each service. Overall, it has brought about greater conveniences to the clients the government serves. In 2018, iRembo was presented with the Government and Citizen Engagement award by World Summit Awards, an international competition that is streamlined with the framework of the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society.

After vigorous assessment from national experts and jurors, culminated from 180 United Nation countries, this award affirmed iRembo’s effort in driving government-to-citizen engagement by increasing transparency in governmental processes through digitalization to promote efficiency in information exchange.

CrimsonLogic adopts a partnership approach with 19 offices worldwide. “We don’t just build a solution and leave. We make it a point that we can help the Government in the journey, often helping in the training of local employees and also getting new business entities set up,” says Saw. For example, in Rwanda, trainings were provided to the government officials to enable them to use the system after it was launched. The company has also established the Rwanda Technology Associate Programme (RTAP), to nurture technology expertise as part of their value-add initiatives for iRembo. The RTAP members are trained and support the maintenance and troubleshooting for iRembo.

Cognizant that the cyber threat landscape is changing, CrimsonLogic places a high level of attention to ensure that data is kept safe, hence, giving its customers peace of mind. The company also gives importance to enhancing the resilience of its customers and helping them to better manage digital risks.

Placing Citizens at the Centre of Government Services

CrimsonLogic constantly future-proofs its products with continuous enhancements to ensure that customers are not stuck with old legacy system, which re-emphasizes the company’s focus on the customers and its walk together with them in their digital transformation journey. Continuing on its mission to explore new ways to improve the engagements between government and their clients, CrimsonLogic is constantly building new digital products and services exploring the effective use of technology to perform this function. Part of the roadmap will consist of using AI and Machine Learning. This could be used in many ways for digital government services, to understand the needs of their clients better, and to offer relevant services to them even before they request for them. AI and Machine Learning can be used to provide intelligent chatbots that can hold their audience’s attention whilst soliciting data from them, rather than having their clients to fill out cold-hearted forms. These chatbots can also answer complex policy-related questions in the most sensitive manner and provide the best answer for their questions creating a personal touch with citizens. By offering a personalized approach to citizens, the aim is to place citizens at the centre of all government services.

Similarly, the company will incorporate IoT to help governments to be quicker and better in their responses to situations and public safety. The use of visual bots to capture and analyze images to understand the happiness index of the government’s clienteles determines if a more responsive system is needed or if more resources need to be invested in resolving the issues faced.“In a nutshell, we are including numerous technology explorations as part of the product roadmap to ensure that the government addresses its client’s needs in a manner that makes sense to them,” says Saw.

- Aaron Pierce
    May 22, 2019