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IEG4: Simplifying e-Governance through a Single View of Citizen Services

Top 10 E-Governance Solutions Companies – 2022

We live in a world where Information Communication Technology (ICT) is ever more present, and the infrastructure and components enable modern computing. Economies and people are progressively getting interconnected. Governments and institutions have more opportunities to connect with their communities. The expansion of E-Governance has excellent potential for the future sustainable development of our world. E-Governance is exercised to manage economic and social resources for the country’s development and deals with the structures and dynamics of making rules and collective social participation.

As per research, the E-Governance market is anticipated to reach 48.3 billion by 2030. It assures that the global E-Governance market will witness a profitable growth trajectory in the forthcoming years. The global surge in business collaboration is estimated to pave the way for developing the E-Governance market.

E-governance facilitates an efficient, speedy and transparent process of disseminating information to the public and other agencies and performing government administration activities. E-Governance enables seamless access to a secure and authentic flow of information, crossing the barriers of boundaries to provide a fair and unbiased service.

The technology enhances transparency, which is one of the primary drivers of the E-Governance market. IT industry has developed applications across the government sectors which are expected to gain momentum in the forthcoming years. Governments adopt E-Governance to support the digitization of their services.

E-Governance provides a unique perspective to handle challenges with concurrency, risk management, and collaborative governance.

In this edition, our goal is to provide readers with insights into E-Governance solution providers and its rapid evolution.

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    Top E-Governance Solutions Companies

  • IEG4 provides cloud-based digital solutions for public sector services. The cost-effective solutions enhance citizen engagement and ensure easier and efficient public service delivery.

  • Teliapp’s singular purpose is to enable its AI engine to derive meaningful and actionable data insights. With the capacity to detect, analyze and predict trends, its proprietary technology is used to influence human behavioral patterns to achieve positive outcomes. Teliapp’s partners benefit from its industry knowledge and desire to enable positive associations between their customers and their brands.

  • B2Gnow


    B2Gnow provides diversity management and compliance software intended to help corporations, contractors, institutions as well as government and public sectors. The company offers turn-key hosted software solutions that streamline and automate data-gathering, tracking, reporting, vendor management and administrative processes, thereby resulting in a significant reduction in staff time and cost for clients.

  • cBrain


    cBrain offers business-critical solutions for organizations across government, private, education, and non-profit sectors. The company is engaged in delivering information technology solutions for optimizing processes and workflows. Their solutions include, document management, E-government, business administration, community service and management, and workflow management.

  • Credo AI

    Credo AI

    Credo AI develops Artificial Intelligence platform intended to empower enterprises to develop AI with the highest ethical standards. The company’s AI’s Intelligent SaaS provides continuous and comprehensive AI governance to measure, monitor, and manage AI introduced risks at scale, enabling enterprises to build customer trust to unlock sales opportunities, differentiate with AI, and manage AI risks effectively to gain confidence in their AI deployments.

  • Diligent


    Diligent provides corporate governance and collaboration software intended to make the world a more sustainable, equitable and better place. The company’s software offers services for boards, government organizations, non-profit groups and senior executives to share and collaborate information for board meetings, providing secure, intuitive access to time-sensitive and confidential information, thereby enabling clients to make better decisions.

  • Everlaw


    Everlaw empowers organizations to better navigate litigation and investigations to chart a straighter path to the truth, with the industry’s most advanced ediscovery technology, an intuitive user experience, and trusted customer success capabilities. As a partner to litigators, corporate counsel, and government attorneys, Everlaw gives teams the speed, security, and ease of use they need to investigate issues thoroughly, uncover the truth quickly, and present their findings clearly.

  • Govini


    Govini’s decision science platform and national security knowledge graph are used at scale across the U.S. federal government and throughout the national security sector. The company’s platform uses strategic intelligence with the attributes of machine-scaling, a robust database of records, advanced query capabilities that are driven by AI, a powerful analytical framework and solves intractable problems with deep analysis, enabling federal agencies to get an analytical framework that is a requisite for success.

  • Image Matters, LLC

    Image Matters, LLC

    Image Matters, LLC is a customer-centric information technology and professional services firm dedicated to delivering innovative, reliable, and cost-effective solutions to defense, intelligence, environmental, homeland security, natural resource, and commercial markets. Image Matters products and services take full advantage of the latest advances in web, geospatial, semantic-AI, and cloud technologies.

  • System Innovators

    System Innovators

    System Innovators is a leading provider of financial management solutions for local government. Through system innovators’ iNovah Enterprise Revenue Management hub, SI simplifies consolidation and revenue management in the public sector, providing one centralized platform to accept and manage customer payments.